Xiaomi Haylou is a subsidiary of Xiaomi’s smart watch maker, and you already know that their previous Xiaomi Haylou smart watch was extremely popular. Due to that success, Haylou has released an updated version of the Haylou smartwatch — Haylou RT LS05S for $40.

This smartwatch has a completely different…

While many people know Samsung as the world’s leading phone manufacturer, Samsung has introduced a number of technological innovations across the globe, including the world’s first 512GB HKMG RAM module.

Samsung’s DDR5 DRAM module (Image source: Samsung)

For the first time in the industry, the HKMG process was used in Samsung’s GDDR6 memory in 2018. …

So far, Twitter has not been able to make money directly, but they have decided to change this situation in the future and give content creators the ability to earn money directly through the Twitter platform.

Twitter’s mockup of its Super Follows feature. (Image source: Twitter)

This feature is called Super Follows, and allows users to pay and view specialized…

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