Google Is About To Add A Time Machine Feature To Google Earth

It is reported that Google Earth is preparing to add a feature that allows people from different parts of the world to see what they were like at that time using satellite images taken in the past.

This feature is currently included in the source code of the Google Earth Android app, but a Reddit user has explained that it can be enabled through an experimental preference setting.

As shown in the video above, this feature allows you to view the appearance of the city of San Francisco from the 1930s — 1940s to the present, in the form of a timelapse.

However, the XDA-Developers website points out that images from outside the United States are often less likely to be viewed this way. They further point out that the reason for this is that only areas with satellite images on Google servers can be viewed through this feature.

However, Google has not yet made an official announcement about this feature or a release date, but since it is already included in the Android app, it can be expected that it will be released to the general public very soon. However, to see something similar in action, you can still use the Google Earth Engine time-lapse features, which were launched a few years ago.

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