Make Money Directly Through Twitter Using Super Follows

So far, Twitter has not been able to make money directly, but they have decided to change this situation in the future and give content creators the ability to earn money directly through the Twitter platform.

Twitter’s mockup of its Super Follows feature. (Image source: Twitter)

This feature is called Super Follows, and allows users to pay and view specialized content, as is the case with Patreon and YouTube membership subscriptions. This will allow Twitter users to post special content to their followers, who will have to pay a certain fee to view the content.

In recent years, direct payment tools have become increasingly relevant for creators in particular. Patreon has been a big hit, and other sites like Facebook, YouTube, and even GitHub have all added direct creator payment features. Twitter will likely take a cut — the company has hinted at subscription features that could provide it with a new revenue stream — but it doesn’t appear to have said how much that fee will be.

In particular, the process, which works similarly to platforms such as Patreon, enables paid users to send dedicated newsletters, discounts for their products, and other special features, including a special badge for individuals. As in the case of Patreon, Twitter will charge a portion of the proceeds from the Super Follows feature, and the remaining amount will be available to the relevant content owner.

Twitter’s mockup of its Communities feature. (Image source: Twitter)

In addition, Twitter has unveiled a new feature called Communities, which seems to be modeled after Facebook Groups. People can form and enter communities based on personal interests, which allows them to see more tweets on those topics. Groups have been a massive success (and a huge moderation problem) for Facebook, and they may be an especially useful tool on Twitter, where the open-ended nature of the platform can make it challenging for new users to get started.

Twitter has revealed the details of the feature, but has not yet officially announced a release date for the feature.

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