Samsung Launches World’s First 512GB DDR5 HKMG RAM Module

While many people know Samsung as the world’s leading phone manufacturer, Samsung has introduced a number of technological innovations across the globe, including the world’s first 512GB HKMG RAM module.

Samsung’s DDR5 DRAM module (Image source: Samsung)

For the first time in the industry, the HKMG process was used in Samsung’s GDDR6 memory in 2018. Samsung’s leadership in next-generation DRAM technology is further reinforced by its expansion into DDR5.

The 512GB DDR5 memory module is made using High-K Metal Gate process technology, and HKMG technology is used to make the chip as small as possible.

“By bringing this type of process innovation to DRAM manufacturing, we are able to offer our customers high-performance, yet energy-efficient memory solutions to power the computers needed for medical research, financial markets, autonomous driving, smart cities and beyond,” commented Young-Soo Sohn, Vice President of the DRAM Memory Planning/Enabling Group at Samsung Electronics.

The smaller the size of the chip, the smaller the size of the device and the amount of power required. They note that they have been able to reduce the power usage of this RAM by about 13%.

Samsung says the new memory module is specifically designed for supercomputers, and is especially suitable for compute — hungry, high — bandwidth workloads such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data analytics applications.

Samsung claims that the new RAM module will have twice the speed of the old DDR4 RAM, or about 7,200Mbps, and that the massive 512GB memory module will feature 8 layers of DDR5 16GB RAM chips. Samsung’s DDR5 uses through-silicon via (TSV) technology to stack eight layers of 16GB DRAM chips to provide the highest capacity of 512GB. When Samsung launched server modules with capacities of up to 256GB in 2014, TSV was used for the first time in DRAM.

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