Twitter Provides 4K Image Upload And Viewing Support For Android And iOS Mobile Apps

Twitter’s iOS and Android apps are getting a server-side update that will allow for higher-quality uploads while also improving how the picture appears on the timeline. As a result, Twitter has increased the ability to upload and view images up to 2K or 2048x2048 resolution to 4K (4096x4096) resolution via Android or iOS mobile apps.

To activate this feature, go to Settings and privacy> Data usage> High-quality images uploads in the Twitter settings menu and select whether you want to upload media, Mobile data & Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only.

However, uploading an image to Twitter as before will result in compression, but it will not compress a 4K image to 2K as it did before, instead the 4K image will be compressed to some extent, maintaining the same 4K resolution quality and uploading and viewing Will happen.

Another weakness of Twitter was that it only had to upload an image in landscape mode, and according to reports, Twitter is now preparing to upload the image in portrait format as well.

Although there may be some limit to the height of a photo, it will no longer be necessary to upload it only in landscape mode, this will allow you to display all the contents of the image you are uploading in a timeline.

However, the current 720p limit of video uploading will not change, and it can be assumed that increasing the video upload resolution while managing data usage is a real challenge.

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